On 15th December, we left the Mayan Beach Garden Inn early in the morning and completed Rally Stage One for the last time. Our target destination was the bus station in Chetumal, where we hoped to find a cushy ride to the Belize international airport (BZE). Simon was driving to give Will a rest before his 8 hour trip on the way back to Cancun. It only took two times to locate the terminal, with only one roundabout issue, but alas there was no bus to be found. Marcia's helpful information was just a few years out of date. We elected to walk across the border. We'd already had some experience with the border crossing before our wedding, so we were confident that we could manage this. Having thanked and thoroughly hugged Will, we donned our backpacks, paid our 300 pesos and trudged across the river into Belize. We were immediately beset on all sides by taxi drivers trying to extort us for what ended up being a 10 minute walk to Belizean customs and ultimately our $10 bus trip to the airport.