Day 3: The northern Peninsula to Las Penitas
On day three, we were up with the air raid siren with big plans to climb the Cosigüina Volcano in the northern Peninsula of Nicaragua. We headed out to find a better breakfast than that of the hotel, but this turned into rather a challenge. The first place we tried was a bit too gringo friendly for our taste and in the end they took forever even to bring coffee. Didn't they know we were on a tight schedule that morning?! We ended up leaving and heading to the supermarket area to get money and water. Ivy headed for a panderia and somehow when I came out of the shop, I failed to see her and after three times around the carpark (carrying 3 gallons of water), I decided that Ivy must have missed me and headed back to the hotel. Ivy, on the other hand, was waiting patiently across the road from the carpark (somehow out of sight). It took the best part of an hour for us to find each other again and this delayed the departure for the volcano.  We decided we needed a better muster plan, which basically boiled down to: let's not separate again.