Day 2: León
Fortunately the club closed a little early, and the thumping music ended about half an hour after we checked into Hotel La Perla.  Simon had reserved us the Presidential Suite, which was beautiful.  However, we were so tired that we couldn't be bothered to open the bottle of wine, which sat in a large puddle of water previously called the ice bucket.  We stuck the roses in the ice puddle, had a quick bath, and immediately passed out.  The honeymoon was going well so far.

The next morning we learned that the city of León has an air raid siren that sounds for roughly 30 seconds every day at 7:00 am.  The noise was groggily registered, but quickly forgotten as we had a bit of a well-deserved lie in.  An hour later, we were dressed and ready for the day.  We quickly checked the Lonely Planet for recommendations, got our bearings, and headed down for breakfast.  We would learn that breakfast is a bit of a forgotten meal in Central America, with hotels and resorts generally offering a variation on the theme of fried eggs, rice and beans (gallo pinto, or spotted rooster), and toast.  No salsa, no tortillas, no ham, no huevos motuleños.  Not that we couldn't deal with rice and beans, but after Mexico we were a little disappointed.