Bringing children

Children are more than welcome at the event, but please let us know ahead of time if you are bringing them so we can make accommodations.  Please be aware that the hotel we are staying at is ON the water and there is an un-guardrailed pool on the property, so you will need to be vigilant about water safety (maybe bring a life vest with you).  According to Heath and Human Services, there are no health hazards for children and pregnant women visiting the Yucatan Peninsula, but some precautions and vaccinations are recommended. They especially recommend taking care with what children eat and drink while traveling.  To see the full recommendations for Mexico, click on the link below.

We plan to have a few babysitters on hand for the day and evening of the wedding, so you can feel comfortable staying up with us until the wee hours while the kids are taken care of.  Again, we will need to know how many kids (and ages) to expect so that accommodations can be made.