Places to stay

Given the popularity of the Mayan calendar predictions, it is expected that travel to the Yucatan will be quite heavy in December of 2012.  Therefore it is wise to make your preparations early, as prices are likely to go up as we get closer to The End of the World.

If you'd like find your own path, we can offer a few suggestions.

Please check back often as we will be updating this page periodically.
There are dozens of options depending on what you are interested in doing and how much you want to pay.  The links in the upper left hand corner offer a few of our favourite places, along with links to other places you may want to pursue.  

Be aware when booking online, some prices are listed in Pesos and some in US Dollars. The Peso looks just like a dollar sign, but many websites will mention the currency at the bottom. If the price seems outrageous, keep in mind that it may be in Pesos.

Lastly, be careful when booking online through websites. It is often best to check up with a call or an email to verify a booking before submitting credit card information.